Being a conscious consumer…


Generosity revolutionDo you spend much time thinking about what, if anything, you tithe? If you’re a regular church goer you will probably have heard your fair share of sermons preached on this topic. Amazing things can be done with that 10% – supporting the activities of the church as well as alleviating suffering and poverty, both locally and overseas. If you haven’t checked recently, do a quick calculation to check how much you are giving away. Are you giving sacrificially? As Johnny reminded us last week Breathe’s strapline is “Less stuff, more life”. One of the positive benefits of buying less stuff is not only that we have more life, but that we have more to give away – win-win!

Pie chart 10-90.gifTithing, therefore, is probably not an unfamiliar concept. I’m struck, however, by how few sermons (in my experience) have focussed on the other 90% of our spending. While 10% may be…

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