Have you and your church switched energy supplier yet? #BigChurchSwitch

Have you been thinking about switching your home electricity and gas supply to a renewable producer for ages, but just never got around to actually doing it? If you have already switched, maybe now is the time to get your church (and all of its members) to switch too…

At home we have used Ecotricity for our gas and electricity supply for ages, and our church is also fuelled by them. Ecotricity claim to have the greenest electricity in the industry and their gas is currently 5% green, and that percentage will grow as they build their own Green Gas Mills. Their gas is promised to be frack-free (no shale gas), and Ecotricity says it has spent an average of £265 a year per customer on building new sources of green electricity over the past decade. They are also rated 3rd out of 22 energy suppliers by Which?. If you switch to Ecotricity, a charity could receive up to £60 for every household that switches its gas and electricity supply, and up to £150 for every business, school or church that signs up – to make that charity Christian Aid click here or for Tearfund click here. (Or if you use the “refer a friend” code RAF-TP9B5 we both get a £50 Ecotopia gift voucher – but much better to give to charity!)

Alternatively, Tearfund and Christian Aid are running a joint initiative encouraging those of us who haven’t already switched to a 100% renewable electricity supplier to join together to get a good deal – for us and for our planet.

the-big-church-switchThe Big Church Switch calls on churches and individual Christians of all denominations to switch their energy supply from fossil fuels to renewable energy. By using clean, renewable energy the Church can demonstrate its commitment to care for our neighbours and for the earth – our common home.

They are working with 2 energy buying groups: The Big Deal (for domestic switches) and 2buy2 (for church switches). If you’re switching your home, the deal is available now and you can switch right away (this deal is open until 27 March 2016). If you’re a church, once you’ve registered your interest, their expert partners will guide you through the process step by step. There is no obligation to switch at any time and they will make it as easy as possible.

The energy companies recommended by the Big Church Switch are all ones which will give a 100% renewable electricity tariff, and who source the majority of their total energy supply (over 80%) from renewables. This ensures that an increase in demand from
consumers will lead to increased renewable generation in the long term, rather than a ‘green tariff’ offered by a company that largely sources its energy from fossil fuels, which perpetuates the problem. A green tariff like this doesn’t require generating any extra clean energy from renewable sources. Companies are also rated based on their levels of customer service and the amount of investment they make in renewable generation. Currently, their recommended domestic supplier is Bulb – it is a dual fuel deal with 100% renewable electricity and 10% renewable gas.

You can find answers to lots of questions about getting involved with the Big Church Switch here.

Switching energy supplier is a brilliant thing to do for our neighbours, near and far, now and in the future – so get on and do it!


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