Being a conscious consumer

World in a shopping trolleyI’ve increasingly become aware of how the everyday decisions I make impact other people, most of whom I have never and will never meet. However, if my actions make their lives worse-off then I feel I need to take note, and do something about it. I love the reminder, “Take care, there are people in your shopping basket.”

I recently attended a lecture by Dr Eve Poole entitled The 7 Deadly Sins of Capitalism hosted by Just Share. It was a fascinating talk. One thing that particularly struck me was the challenge: if St Peter at the pearly gates asked you to show him your bank statement, what would it tell him about what you believed?

This is not about feeling guilty but being empowered to make positive decisions about what we buy.  First and foremost it is helpful before you buy something to ask yourself ‘Do I really need this?’

The suggestions included in the following sections have not all been personally tried by me, are correct as far as I am aware and come with no particular recommendation, but may help us to shop more consciously.

Where to go for general information and advice

General ethical shopping

Food and drink

Skin care and make up

Clothing and footwear

Home sweet home

Money, money, money


Utilities and telephones

Stationery and office supplies


Books and music (alternatives to Amazon)

Please do let me know if you have new ideas to add or have experienced shopping with any of these organisations – this is a constantly evolving list of suggestions, and the more we all contribute the more useful it can become…

Disclaimer: I accept no responsibility for the content of external websites or resources produced by others. Whilst I try to choose links carefully I am not responsible for the construction or maintenance of any external webpages, websites or resources.

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