Getting around

It might be obvious but owning a car increases your carbon-footprint substantially. Not only that but it decreases your bank balance substantially too – did you know that it costs around £12 per day just to keep it outside your house, and that doesn’t include the ever-increasing cost of petrol! You can work what your own particular car is really costing you thanks to Carplus.

You can read more about alternatives to car ownership on the Friends of the Earth web-site. Eric Britton, a sustainable transport consultant: “If you drive less than 10,000 miles a year you should really be car sharing.”

.         What about cycling? Not only is it much more environmentally friendly but you get a work out too so no need for those Spin classes at the gym! Have a look at Cycling For Transport – a new web-site dedicated to telling you everything you need to know about cycling but were afraid to ask. Sustrans is a charity which enables people to choose healthier, cleaner and cheaper journeys, including details of the National Cycle Network to make your journeys safer and more enjoyable.

.         Instead of owning your own car, join a car / van club – zipcar, easyCar or citycarclub. You can find your nearest car club at Carplus and if there isn’t one near you, guidance is available for setting up your own informal car club.

.          If you already have a car make it work harder to justify its existence – register with easyCar to hire it to your neighbours – you’ll be helping them and earning money, what’s not to like! If you register, please enter the Promotion Code “streetbank” – this will have the added benefit of helping Streetbank keep going and growing.

.         Also, if you are driving somewhere could you offer to take someone in your car with you? The biggest network is BlaBlaCar, it operates in 22 countries and has 35 million members. You could also look at Liftshare, National Car Share or Shareacar.

.         If you really have to have a car and you need a new one, make sure you consult Next Green Car. Their mission is to help car buyers find, compare and buy a greener, more economical car. The core of the website is a database of all new cars currently available in the UK, which you can search and compare cars according to many criteria including CO2, MPG, car tax band and OTR price. With this and all the latest green car news, Next Green Car is an essential destination for those researching a greener, more economical car purchase.

.         Have a look at Blue and Green Tomorrow’s Guide to Sustainable Transport 2014 for some inspiration and ideas.

.         Friends of the Earth and Wikaniko sell ethical products to help you when you’re out and about.


(On a slightly facetious note, if you live in London, or ever visit, have a look at The Definitive Ranking of London Tube Lines to help you plan your journey… or not!)

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