We don’t have children ourselves so this page is starting very low on information. If you have any suggestions for things to include please let me know!

Green Christian has recently set up a Facebook group Growing them Green for parents and carers to help them support each other in bringing up children to love and care for God’s creation.

The Ultimate Guide to Green Parenting is available from the New Internationalist shop. Or there’s The No-Nonsense Guide to Green Parenting (the link takes you to a review).

For more hints and tips for living ethically as a family you could subscribe to Juno magazine – a quarterly magazine which promotes a natural approach to family life and inspires and supports parents.

Or browse Eco Friendly Kids for lots of suggestions for eco-friendly family activities as well as fun and informative educational quizzes etc – could be useful as the holidays approach!

Would you knowingly dress your little ones in clothes that contained hazardous chemicals? Of course not, but do you know whether they do? Greenpeace has undertaken some shocking research that has revealed the presence of hazardous chemicals in clothing made by 12 very well-known brands; from the iconic kid’s label Disney, to sportswear brands like adidas, and even top-end luxury labels like Burberry. Check out A Little Story About the Monsters in Your Closet for more info.

Where to shop

Babi Pur – (Welsh for ‘Pure Baby’). Recently nominated in the Observer Ethical awards. Babi Pur is fast becoming a ‘one stop shop’ for ethical and environmentally friendly baby products. They are a leading on-line retailer selling Organic & Fair Trade products for babies and children.  A family owned business who pride themselves on being able to offer that personal touch.

If you need some new soft toys, Wildly Woolly sells some gorgeous ones. The organisation empowers women in rural Kenya through creating and selling organic, natural and ethical gifts.

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