Help break the monopoly of the Big Six (British Gas, Npower, Scottish Power, SSE, the French supplier EDF and Germany’s EON) and support renewables:

God created a beautiful world for us to enjoy, and He gave us a responsibility to care for it – because it is His creation and for future generations. Our lifestyles depend on having an energy supply, so make that supply one that does not cause further damage to our environment (through use of coal, fracking etc). Blue & Green Tomorrow have published their Guide to Sustainable Clean Energy 2014.

.          Have a look at the Green Electricity Marketplace – one of the leading switching websites for green electricity tariffs. Unlike most other switching sites it only deals with green tariffs, and offers a distinctive perspective on how ‘green’ each tariff really is.

.          Ecotricity – electricity and gas made from renewable sources, made and supplied. Ecotricity gets 100% of the electricity it supplies from renewable sources. Fracking-free gas is a promise. Ecotricity is also committed to a greener energy future and is investing more than any other UK supplier in creating new sources of renewable energy. We’ve had Ecotricity as our electricity and gas provider for years now and they’re great. If you switch, could you use the following to earn our church up to £60 (please, we have a leaky roof to fix!)To switch you will need to either:

.          Good Energy – 100% renewable electricity from renewable sources, supplies gas too. If you use the link goodenergy.co.uk/friends-of-the-earth Friends of the Earth will receive a donation of up to £60 and it won’t cost you a penny.

Great news! Not only are Ecotricity and Good Energy better for the environment they are also better for you – Which? has rated them joint 1st when rating energy companies (considering customer service, value for money, billing, helping you to save energy). The big 6 are all at the bottom of the table (ranked 12-17)…

.          Loco2 Energy – British hydropower designed to meet your electricity needs.

.          Ebico – not-for-profit gas and electricity supplier. It is the only UK energy supplier which charges Fair Prices to all customers, however they pay for their energy. They worked in partnership with Church Action on Poverty on Let Us Switch!

You can read more about alternatives to the Big 6 here.

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