Reminder post-it

  • Companies need to know why you are not buying from them – write to companies to encourage them to put in place ethical policies and ensure that they consider their triple bottom line – “people, planet, profit”.
  • If you are a shareholder or have a corporate investment through a pension take your responsibility as a part-owner of the company to hold them accountable for their actions. Share Action can help you do this.
  • Remind those you come into contact with to live lightly on the earth, and to make “reduce-reuse-recycle-remind” the guiding principle of their consumption patterns.
  • Ask shops to simplify/reduce their packaging of products, and support those that do.
  • Remind the government of their commitments on behalf of the environment.
  • Remind local governments of their commitments to recycling, reducing waste and conserving electricity.
  • Encourage manufacturers to bear the responsibility for recycling or disposing of used parts and machinery in goods such as television sets and computers.
  • Remind companies that they should be paying an ethical amount of tax, and support those who do not use tax havens. The Tax Justice Network has lots of information about the impact of tax evasion and what you can do about it.
  • What else…?

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