Other interesting things

If you are baffled by all the talk about the financial crisis and what that means for social justice in the UK and the rest of the world have a look at Econo…what? – a project for people who know that there’s something seriously wrong with the economic system and want to understand more. You can take part on your own, or in a group. Whether you know a little or know nothing at all, whether you are interested in austerity in the UK or global economic justice, this reading group is for you!

Another resource for educating yourself via reading is the World Development Movement‘s suggestions relating to corporate power in the world of food production, covering important topics like food sovereignty, agribusiness and land grabs – issues that might seem far away, but they will become increasingly pressing.

corporate power in the world of food production.
corporate power in the world of food production.

If you prefer watching documentaries have a look at Free Documentaries – a large selection of films covering a broad range of subjects.

If you would like to do a structured course to help you understand and reduce your carbon footprint have a look at ecocell – Christian Ecology Link’s programme to help you learn further about the main issues that give rise to ecological damage, discuss the influences on our collective and individual behaviours, measure our personal impacts (footprints) and take action to minimise those impacts. You can take part in this as part of a group or individually.

I am one of the core team of the Breathe Network – a Christian network for simpler living. Check out Breathe’s web-site for more information, and this page for useful links to other organisations / ideas.

Jeremy Williams at Make Wealth History has some interesting observations and challenges. I especially like the suggested Personal actions.

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